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Mexican Radio (14 x 20).jpg

Mexican Radio (14x20) oil on linen

State St Nocturne (14 x 20).jpg

Late Night Upper State (20x14) oil on canvas

Staten Island Nocturn (18 x 24).jpg
Staten Island Nocturne (18x24) oil on linen
Downtown In December (24 x 18) Oil on Li

Downtown In December (24 x 18) oil on linen

The Sportsman, Santa Barbara, 16 x
The Sportsman, Santa Barbara (16x30) oil on linen
Heading West (30 x 24).jpg
Heading West (30x24) oil on linen
Moon Over Paradise  (10 x 8).jpg
Moon Over Paradise (10x8) oil on linen
An Evening In Paris (30 x 26).jpg
An Evening In Paris (30x26) oil on linen
Anticipation (18 x 30).jpg
Anticipation (18x30) oil on linen
Night Lights (10 x 8)  sold.jpg
Night Lights (10x8) oil on masonite
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