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Warner's Recent Work

Diver in a Hole (16 x 16) oil on linen.j

"The Oxbow Incident", (16 x 16), oil on linen

Dia de los Muertos Musicians.jpg

"Dia de los Muertos Musicians", (3 images each on 12" x 6" canvas)

Sparks (20 x 20).jpg

"Sparks" (20" x 20") oil on masonite

          actually painted in 2012

A Warrior Among the Vessels (11 x 22) oi

"A Warrior Among the Vessels," (11"x22") oil on linen

The Blue Box (14 x 16) oil on linen.jpg

"The Blue Box" (14"x16") oil on linen

There's a Frog In My Kitchen (4 x 6) oil

"There's a Frog in My Kitchen" (4"x6") oil on canvas

Storytime (12x12) oil on linen.jpg
"Storytime" (12"x9") oil on linen
Three On The Wall (12x9) oil on

(12"x9") oil on linen

The Poison Bottle (8 x 10) oil on linen.

"The Poison Bottle" (8"x10") oil on linen


(10"x8") oil on linen

Vase 2 (xx xx) oilon canvas.jpg
La Novia del Hombre (12 x 12) oil on can

(9"x6") oil on canvas

"La Novia del Hombre" (12"x12") oil on canvas

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