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Dignity (28 x 14)x.jpg
Dignity (26x14) oil on linen

Still Life

Poires Williams et Vase  (12 x 16).jpg
Williams et Vase (12x16) oil on linen
Abalone Shells.jpg
Black Shoe in Asia (9 x 12).jpg
Abalone (18x24) oil on masonite  SOLD
Little Shoe With Chickens (8x10) oil on masonite     SOLD
Tired Tack - sold.jpg
Frans Lute.jpg
Fran's Lute, oil on canvas
"Tired Tack" oil on masonite   SOLD
Bittersweet and Rust (30 x 36)x.jpg
"Bittersweet and Rust", (30x36") oil on panel
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