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Dive Crews

Two Shows
"The Dive Show”   Warner Nienow one-person show of 12 paintings.   Santa Barbara Library - Faulkner Gallery West.   February 2009.  Show reviewed by Josef Woodard for Santa Barbara News-Press.
“Dive Crews"  Warner Nienow one-person show (by invitation) - 14 paintings of hard hat divers on location,  Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, October 2009 – January 2010.


"Dive Crews" was a departure from painting the popular and compelling Hopper-like nocturnes and street scenes to explore as a subject matter the profession that his son Matt has worked in for several years.  A graduate of the Marine Technology program at Santa Barbara City College, Matt Nienow provided industrial digital photographs from four different dive jobs as source material for the collection.  The resulting paintings are precisely observed and visually beautiful scenes that allow viewers to vicariously experience a dive crew's world.
Twilight Dive (32 x 30).jpg
Old Battleships (32 x 32).jpg
Leap of Faith (36 x 26).jpg
Close Quarters (24 x 24).jpg
Final Check - Monterey (32 x 40).jpg
Three Tending One (26 x 40).jpg
Decompression (22 x 24).jpg
Final Check - Monterey (32 x 40).jpg
The Blue Helmet  (24 x 40).jpg
Dive Boat - Alaska (26 x 42).jpg
Helping Hand (30 x 32).jpg
Fresh Air (26 x 30).jpg
Transition  (28 x 36).jpg
Final Check (18 x 42).jpg
At Sea (24 x 36).jpg
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